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How ‘Bout Them Dawgs ?! (nervous laugh)

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Well, you can’t win them all. This weekend I (Jake) went to my first Georgia game in about 5 years, and except for getting roundly thrashed it was a lot of fun. Sean was able to get tickets for 3 of us and we had a great time showing them the Classic City, center of the known universe. There were some camera difficulties, but I salvaged a few pictures.

Saddlin’ up the Jeep. You’d be surprised how many takes this picture required, especially with me driving. Very safely.

I know this is blurry, but you can get the picture. The typical UGA tailgate involves a tent, tables and chairs, frequently satellite TV, a variety of strong beverages, etc. Ours was Sean’s camo cooler, a small amount of medium-strong beverages and throwing the football around for a while. We’re so classy.

Inside Sanford was as awesome as ever. At least for the first half.

Athens people will be interested to learn that we went to Achim’s for dinner (Sean and Dave are definitely converts) and there have been some changes. Not only is the first location closed (and repainted, and it looks like it’s a somewhat classy Mexican place), but the name of the downtown one is now Uncle Otto’s. What in the world? When we walked past it I thought, now I’m pretty sure this was where Achim’s was, but it’s this other place. But how could this other place have Belgian fries too? And they still have the logo of Achim’s face. Weird. The cashier told me it’s because they’re franchising and the Achim’s name was taken. He hasn’t sold the place, so that’s good. I will still call it Achim’s.

One thought on “How ‘Bout Them Dawgs ?! (nervous laugh)

  1. Jake…You forgot to mention that we gained more of your respect by ordering and pounding the large. Ah, Achim, or Otto may one of your chains land in Charlotte NC…Here’s to a fine trifecta roadtrip that ended circa 4 AM.-Dave

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