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A New Hobby

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This summer I received, free of charge, a brand new charcoal smoker. So naturally I had to apply myself to the task of learning the art of real pulled-pork barbeque. So far I have two rounds under my belt, and the results have been pretty exciting. Barbeque time is a busy time, so sometimes we forget to take pictures. These are from separate events.

The prep work is not for the weak of stomach. That’s about a half-pound of pigskin, which you have to cut off the meat. Then a top-secret spice rub (got it on the internet) overnight and you’re ready for action.

After that it’s pretty simple. Light charcoal, put meat in smoker, watch temperature gauge, and sigh with relief when it hits ideal range. Then curse when temp goes down, fret over whether to add more charcoal, add more charcoal, sigh with relief, curse when temp goes too high, play with vents for a while. Decide everything is going great, then wonder if the meat will be half done at go time and you’ll make everybody sick. Repeat all the above for about 7-8 hours, then check the meat and find out it’s perfect. Pull it apart, serve it up and impress all your friends.

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