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the hunts in prague

I just called to say…

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So they’ve finally talked. Will something happen, or would that ruin the show? We think they’ll have to string it along for a while. But this will probably put the brakes on Jim and Karen. Melissa’s happy about that, but Jake says at some point you gotta go where the love is.

Also last night was the second reference to Lost (unless I’ve missed some). Note that the character who loves Lost is Dwight. Jim is clearly a 24 man. Take that, Lost fans.

One thought on “I just called to say…

  1. Jake and Melissa, I’m a “lost” and “24” fan… though I haven’t seen the latest 24 season (praise band practice was on monday night’s when it came on. Don’t worry, I don’t have anything in the way this year- hopefully). I’m glad that you are blogging and updating frequently (I’m a little sporadic, but trying to get balanced). This way, I can check in on what’s going on in your lives every once in a while. So, remind me of this tradition with the arch in Athens (yes, this is from another post, but I’m lazy and don’t want to do two separate comments- I’m almost ready for bed). I know I’ve heard it before, but I’ve forgotten. Looking forward to talking to you soon.

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