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Glory Glory

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This weekend we spent a great couple of days in Athens, where we got to see lots of folks at a Wesley fundraising dinner, go to the UGA/Miss St game , and see some of Jake’s family as Kelsey came to check out the University. It was really good to spend time with the family, and also to see some Wesley people and hear how God continues to do amazing things through that ministry.

Not only did Hunt get to attend his first UGA game (in utero), but he also picked up some treats: a gameday onesie from us and a Georgia tshirt and stuffed Uga from Grandma Pammie. So currently he’s the size of a lime, but he has two or three outfits, a toy and a “boo-boo bunny” waiting on him. Hope he likes red.

At the famous Arch. Don’t worry, Kelsey didn’t walk under it. This was right before the game, so Mom wasn’t with us, but there’s always Photoshop.

It was way closer than it should have been, but the Dawgs pulled it out. It’s a rebuilding year. Thanks for the tickets, Shane!

“Is this my hat or yours? Oh, this one’s mine. I can tell it apart because it has a stuffed animal on top of it.”

They have these bulldogs all over town with appropriate attire: a suit in front of a bank, etc. This one’s called “Dawgustus.”

One thought on “Glory Glory

  1. YAY i love pictures, and you guys are pretty cool too. Thank you for showing me around UGA, and for just being you. I love all three of you!!kels

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