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the hunts in prague

Prague, Day 1: Safe & Sound


We’re here! The only drama on our trip over was that Jake left his iPOD in the Jeep, and was only saved from a week of musiclessness by Melissa’s quick thinking and some heroics by Matt, Kristen and Owen. (And Sean, who gave up an additional 25 minutes or so, but got a Bojangles biscuit in the bargain.)

We arrived in Prague at 1 PM local time (6 hours ahead of home), breezed through customs and were met by Phil and his little girl Lucy, then spent an easy afternoon with them and Jake & Phil went to pick up the Kulps, who were arriving via train from Slovakia. Now we’re about to head to Chris & Laura’s for dinner and to watch the Ohio State / Michigan game. Suffering for the gospel, you know.

We’ll try to take & post some pictures tomorrow. Thanks everybody for your prayers!

3 thoughts on “Prague, Day 1: Safe & Sound

  1. Hi!! (I like this blog stuff!!) Thanks for the e-mail letting us know you’re there….I’m ready to hear more about the iPod story….& Mel’s genius!!!Love y’all!!TGQ

  2. What’s the Slovak word for “ya’ll”??

  3. Wow! This is exciting stuff! Prague? Can’t wait to hear your reaction from the trip as a whole and where God is leading all three of you.

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