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the hunts in prague

Prague, Day 2

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Our first full day in Prague was preceded by 13 hours of sleep for Jake, a personal record. Melissa woke up for a while and went back to sleep, so she came up an hour or so short. Then we came to “church”/team meeting at Phil & Shanna’s, hung out there all afternoon and had a time of worship tonight with some people from their Tuesday night Bible study. We’re pretty much adjusted time-wise and are having a blast!

Some of our hosts: Shanna, Laura, and Clark.

The kids have instruments they play during worship time. We had a percussion jam after naptime.

Melissa, Mary, and Lucy during DanceFest USA, another Sunday ritual.

Some team members and guests hanging out at the Davises’ after worship time tonight.

Dave & Jake learn what it’s like to suffer for the gospel.

One thought on “Prague, Day 2

  1. I’m beginning to believe there are multiple Lucy’s mentioned in your blog – or do they grow really fast in the Czech Republic? It would be really cool to see the street views of the buildings your staying at (Inn and “Church”) … said the Architect in me. How did the “treats from across the ocean” go? Were you able to get it all into CR?

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