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Catching Up: Monday Afternoon

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As M said this morning, we’ve had a lot going on, but today we’re taking it easy to prep for tonight’s Thanksgiving feast. So, here are some shots from earlier in the week.

Monday afternoon the four of us navigated all by ourselves and saw Prague Castle, as well as some other sights.

The girls mostly handled the navigation Monday. Wednesday it was the boys’ turn. The ladies did an amazing job!

Looking out over the city from the castle.

We were there for the big changing of the guard at noon. There was a brass band stationed in the hall over the courtyard, and we saw these guys march in from outside.

Mary very subtly sneaks in a shot with one of the guards. This guy also locked eyes with Dave during the change-off. Awkward moment.

The cathedral at the castle. The castle isn’t really what we imagine as a castle, but more of a fortified city in itself. It’s about a million billion years old, or something like that.

Most pictures of Prague that you see include the St. Charles Bridge. This is a view of the city coming off of the bridge. You can see that there are lots of statues on both sides of the bridge.

There were lots of musicians on the bridge, but we liked these guys best.

Here are the Americans enjoying some streetside dining. The Czech waiter didn’t have quite enough patience for the auto-focus.

Almost home– coming up from the metro. Yay team!

One thought on “Catching Up: Monday Afternoon

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, all you Turkeys of Prague!! (Guess that’s just a little Kindergarten humor!!) Love the pix….Jake, where’s your coat? ( Guess that’s a Queen thing?) It’s cold & clear here, too!! But now cold enough to store the turkey on the roof!!Love y’all!TGQ

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