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the hunts in prague


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This was a very American day! We had the second annual American football game at a nearby park and a huge Thanksgiving dinner at Phil & Shanna’s. This is a great opportunity for them, because there are Americans who are lonely and missing time with family, and other expats & Czechs who are curious about what this American holiday is like. For a lot of the people the team here has met, the big draw has been seeing the close community among the American team and how much they’re willing to share their lives with people. So tonight there were Americans, Brits, Scots, Czechs, and probably a couple of nationalities I didn’t notice. It was really neat, and although we missed being with our families, it kind of felt like home!

I haven’t even mentioned the football game. I don’t know why we don’t do this more at home, because it was a lot of fun. The game was coed, but Hunt didn’t think it was a really good idea for M to participate. Jake’s team got beat, but it was close, and I dare say I made some positive contributions.

Jake during one of his two series as QB. Once I corrected my overthrowing, they had a receiver who kept batting down my passes. Can’t win them all.

I don’t know if they planned this, but Lucy and Clark are really great recruiting tools.

The stage is set…

… and the drama commences. This is one of two rooms filled to capacity, not counting people milling about in the kitchen.

The kitchen saw some serious traffic.

This is actually deceptive in terms of picturing the spread, because every dish was continually being replaced as it ran out. Over 50 people were stuffed to the gills. An impressive event.

Carnage: Lucy & Clark’s room after the dust settled. This was the playroom for all the kids during the shindig.

We don’t expect to post any more until we’re home, because tomorrow we’ll be trying to cram as much stuff in as possible. Thanks for reading, and please keep praying for us. The trip has been great, and we’re not ready to come back yet!

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