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the hunts in prague


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This morning the girls went with Laura & Shanna to see what grocery shopping is like here, and then in the afternoon the four of us went out again without guides. This time the boys were in charge of navigation, and although it took a little time to find the outdoor market, overall things were smooth. We also saw the Museum of Communism, and then came back to help set up for Thursday’s festivities.

M has a weakness for heavy cream. At least it’s available here.

We bought some small paintings at this outdoor market.

All four of us at the market.

Just the two of us at the outdoor market. There was a ton of cool stuff.

Imagine my delight at the wide array of sausages available!

This was interesting; it was a very frank look at what life was like under communism in Czechoslovakia.

There’s not an IKEA in Charlotte, but there is in Prague. And that’s where they got some of the tables for Thursday night. Lucy likes to build things, so she gave Mr. Dave a hand.

The excitement was a bit much for M, but she later caught a second wind.

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