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the hunts in prague


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We can’t believe we’re home, and we kind of wish we weren’t! On Friday, our last day in Prague, we went out for breakfast with the Davises and Laura, roamed around one last time for a couple of hours, headed back for some debriefing with Phil & Shanna, and then went out to dinner and dessert with the Davises and Syvertsens.

When we woke up, Lucy and Clark were already in glamor mode, and Lucy was transfixed by M’s towel do.

Back to the Old Town Square, which we had only seen at night.

Vladimir is one of the most talented street musicians I’ve seen. He plays sax and trombone (at least) and has quite a set of pipes as well.

Coming up out of a basement art gallery.

This is the back side of the Hus monument. Hus was an early Reformer whose sermons were actually very influential for Martin Luther. He spoke out against papal infallibility and argued for Scripture alone as the rule of faith and practice 100 years before Luther, and was burned at the stake in 1415. His teaching brought about a revival of true Christianity in what was then called Bohemia, but now he’s remembered as a social revolutionary, not a theological one. End of history lesson.

The hand of one of the martyrs pictured behind Hus on the monument. The statue is enormous and has several different scenes depicted on it.

One last statue shot, with the Church of St. Nicholas in the background. It was a gorgeous day, which explains the million pictures.

On the way back to the Davises’ we searched out a gyro stand. These are less like Greek/American gyros and more like what one might find at Achim’s K-Bob in Athens, one of Jake’s favorite restaurants, which is why we searched it out. One of our best meals in Prague. It’s hard to top marinated meat on a spit.

The Davises, of course, live on Americka Street. (Yes, that’s how it’s spelled.)

Our last night, on the St. Charles Bridge with some of the castle in the background. My hand looks absolutely huge in this picture.

Cheeseburgers at McDonald’s in the Frankfurt airport. It was about 10AM local time, 4AM Eastern, and Lord only knows what time our bodies thought it was. But cheeseburgers seemed like a good idea.

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