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It’s A Wonderful Life (Group)

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What is Christmas without a white elephant party? We had the first of the season last night with the Capes/Hunt Life Group. All in all a great success– no fistfights, no one said hurtful things they could never take back, and Alex left with a great picture of Jake from 2002. Plus, lots of food.

After carefully examining this picture I have pronounced Bennett an incredibly cute kid and myself an accomplished photographer.

One of the best treats of the evening was Heather’s Frosty-the-Snowman-thing-that-pops-up-and-makes-noise.

Paige got a Minnie Mouse dress-up kit. Natalie and Ryann were unavailable for comment.

Ann got this lovely glass snowman with unidentified colorful… things above its head.

I got this hat that guarantees my face on the screen at my next basketball game.

Adam and Alex each received Silly String, from two different sources. Alex also got a book on 200 years of Eucharist celebrations, a real page-turner. Side note: Alex’s gifts were brilliantly recycled by the Capes-es from last year’s Garrrison/Hamm Life Group party.

M got 2 small coffee cups, each of which contained a “poof.” That’s 4 gifts in 1.

Just as a hint of why this is the best LG ever, here is just the sweets table from last night. The salty/beverage section filled another whole room!

One thought on “It’s A Wonderful Life (Group)

  1. You’re right…that’s one good lookin kid!-DaveBy the way the dots all over the world are pretty impressive! i wish we were as cool as you!

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