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Christmas in Lawrenceville

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Our grand tour of the state of Georgia commenced on Christmas Eve, which we spent with the Nashes.

For years the Nashes and Childers (family friends) have decorated cookies on Christmas Eve. This year was even more exciting than usual because we have some real live kids now: Melissa’s brother Andrew’s fiancee’s girls Sidney and Annina. (Got that?)

Andrew and his two Melissas: sister and fiancee. Over Melissa Hunt’s shoulder is Julie, her best friend from Lawrenceville.

After the Christmas Eve service Bill, Cindi and Jake (none of whom are pregnant) enjoyed Godiva chocolate martinis. I have determined that Godiva martinis are one of the best things that has ever happened. Ever.

Now to Christmas morning. This is a home-made “Jonathan Edwards Is My Homeboy” shirt from Bill & Cindi. Bill got the idea after reading an article in Christianity Today about Calvinism gaining in popularity among young Christians. This will be great for the first day of my Jonathan Edwards elective next month!

Speaking of chocolate martinis… look out, Charlotte!

Bill got one serious gourmet waffle iron, which immediately stopped the present opening until we had sampled its wares. Every bit as good as you can imagine!

M and Cindi in their matching coats.

M and Cindi in their matching vests.

M also got some ear wraps for her early-morning walks. I personally enjoyed the leopard print.

Christmas morning we also went to Andrew et al’s house, where the girls were delivered their very own princess table and chairs from Mr. Bill & Ms. Cindi. We think they were pleased.

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