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Christmas in Elberton

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Jake’s Grandmary (paternal grandmother) has a great house in Elberton, GA that my grandfather designed, and at Christmas she assembles an impressive array of near and distant relatives.

All 4 of the kids in my grandmother’s family are still living, and usually they all make an appearance during the holidays. Today one brother and his wife weren’t able to make it. But here are Grandmary (85, in green), her older sister Augusta (91, black sweater), younger brother Crawford (80), and his wife Jane. It’s really fun to be around all of them– they still joke and fuss with each other like kids!

Jake with his dad and brother Paul. This year for Christmas my dad put a bunch of home videos on DVD, from my grandparents’ wedding in the 40s to about 2000. Dad’s a videographer, so we have more family videos than the average. Maybe more than the Kennedys. We’re looking forward to watching some old stuff.

There’s also a good cousins picture that I’ll add when I get it from Paul. Because everybody in the blogosphere is so interested in random family pictures, right?

One thought on “Christmas in Elberton

  1. Uhmmm…. what happened to the karaoke blog post? Did AHN tell you to take it on in the name of protecting the Micky Dees outlaws?You are asleep, digesting your dinner of Saltines and Sprite, so I figured this would be a good way to leave you a message.I love you!

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