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Christmas in Lawrenceville (2): The Greatest Blog Entry Ever

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If only you could have been there, dear readers. The images will help, but just can’t do it justice. Here’s some background: Andrew’s fiancee Melissa is a karaoke DJ at a biker bar called Mickey Dee’s in Covington, GA, which is kind of like Cheers in that everybody there knows your name (if you’re Melissa and Andrew, and if you’re with them it’s like you’re family). So Thursday night, after the Elberton festivities, we returned to Lawrenceville and headed down for some family karaoke fun. It was, perhaps, the birth of a great new holiday tradition.

Melissa (fiancee, not sister) started off by showing us how it’s really done.

“Sweet Caroline.” After less than one drink.

Cindi is a big Carole King fan. Here is “I Feel the Earth Move.”

“Son of a Preacher Man” just seemed so appropriate.

“A Boy Named Sue.” Fast becoming Bill’s specialty.

Our first blog video: Check out the sibling act.

“Bust A Move.” Break it down for me, fellas.

Other highlights from the set list:

  • “It’s Your Love” by Andrew and Melissa (fiancee)
  • “John Deere Green” by Andrew and Melissa (sister)
  • “What’s Goin On” by Jake
  • “Beverly Hillbillies Theme” by Mrs. Patrick (with the best dancing of the night)
  • “Me & Bobby McGee,” Melissa (fiancee)’s specialty

We’re already making plans for next time.

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