Blue Sky

the hunts in prague

5 thoughts on “Lindsey’s New Mac

  1. This is scary…really scary. She looks like an old woman who has lost her teeth!

  2. (Kristi said that…)

  3. I agree with the Stofers. Mildy frightening. Don’t show that to the baby for a while. It screams “I need counseling as an adult”.

  4. Ahhh the joys of technology… don’t worry- as soon as you go to delete these wonderful pics, you’ll find technology hates you again! So happy for both of you and the little one on the way!!! Call me sometime…

  5. Under no circumstances may you show this to my grandbaby! It will do UNTOLD damage and may even prevent him from bringing a girl (much, much later on) to ” meet the parents!mom (Pam)

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