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Georgia walk-on? No. Duke walk-on? Yes.

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When we moved to NC it became pretty clear that we needed a basketball team, and let’s just be honest, it wasn’t going to be UGA. Turns out our friend Sean’s dad taught at Duke for 25 years, and Sean’s gone to games since he was 2. When we went to our first game at Cameron last year, it sealed the deal as far as where our basketball allegiances would lie.

Yesterday Jake got to return with Matt and Sean for the Duke/Boston College game. A great game and an even greater road trip!

We were standing outside this building when all of a sudden the door opened, and out came the Blue Devil! It was hard to get him to stand still, but here we are (at least most of Sean). Just to be clear, Jake and Sean are not holding hands.

A glimpse of what it’s like inside the famous Cameron Indoor Stadium.

One of Duke’s best games of the season against the #1 school in the conference!

Things got even better when we went to Cook-Out, Sean’s parents’ new favorite, on the way out of town. Cook-Out is our new favorite as well.

The best combo in Durham? No my friend, the best combo in the world. A couple of things to note:

  • The Big Double (TM) burger is the same price as the regular burger. Why does the regular burger even exist?
  • Look carefully at the sides options. You could conceivably, for $3.99, have a Big Double (TM) burger with a corn dog and chicken nuggets as your sides. Glorious.

The only catch is that it’s take-out only. We huddled together for warmth in the Jeep while we enjoyed a surprisingly good burger, two sides apiece and tasty shakes. Go Blue Devils!

One thought on “Georgia walk-on? No. Duke walk-on? Yes.

  1. Jake, thought you’d think this was fun. Maybe you won’t- I don’t know. :)

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