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the hunts in prague

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After the Office, most of the Charlotte blogosphere came over for a quick birthday party for Kristen. The race is on: whose blog will be the next to have these pictures up?

“I wish… that Matt had hired a clown for my birthday…”

What is going on with Sean here?

As you can see, we put a serious hurtin’ on Kathryn’s Funfetti cake. Happy Birthday, Kristen!

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We Are Family

After the shower Pam, Ken & Kelsey came to spend a couple of days in Charlotte with us. We missed Lauren’s crowd and Nene, but we had a great time. They got to come to church with us, tour the city a bit, and Sunday night we had movie & junk food night. Mom stayed until Wednesday morning and got to enjoy a few quiet days at the Hunt spa. Thanks for coming, guys!

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Shower the People You Love with Love

Last weekend was Hunt’s first shower, given by several of Grandma Cindi’s friends. It was quite a shindig, and the boy is well on the way to being spoiled rotten.

photos courtesy of Melissa’s friend, Tina, and Cindi’s camera:

Hunt (in belly) with his Mom and his two grandmothers, Cindi & Pam.

Melissa with some old church friends: Julie, Emily, and Elizabeth.

So many sweet ladies.

Melissa and sorority sister/roommate/bridesmaid Tina, who was also the photographer for the day. Thanks Tina!

Jake’s sister, Kelsey, was a great scribe. Magnificent penmanship.

Jake wasn’t actually invited to the shower, but he and Ken, trying to show up at the end to load up the loot and eat breakfast casserole, actually ariived not very far into the opening process. Not sure what the baby-shower vets thought of that, but no one complained.

We now have lots of goodies just waiting for their owner to arrive!

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God bless you, Panera.

Many readers may know of Jake’s uncanny knack for stumbling “bass-ackwards” into free food. It’s not a skill; I seldom have any idea it’s coming. Last night was one of my finer moments: The Panera Bread Fairy (Luke Johnson) came and delivered about 35 lbs of tasty treats to our house. Don’t worry, it’s being distributed to other needy people in the Camden area (i.e. seminary students). And don’t worry, we have lots of bagels for ourselves too. And pastries. And baguettes. And foccacia. And sandwich bread. And sourdough bread bowls. And a brownie cake. And shortbread cookies.

It’s a name that deserves to be in baguettes.

Seriously, if you read this Thursday and you’re in Charlotte, come get some or we’ll have to throw some away.

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All She Wants To Do Is Dance

Bennett can walk now, and we’re not sure how we feel about it. But she also laughs all the time, and she loves to dance, especially now that she’s more mobile. Celia, as always, is a slave to the groove. Here’s a taste of what happens many afternoons when they stop by on their walk. They’ve usually been in the house about two minutes when Cel says “Can I hear some music?” And of course, the answer to that question at our house is always a resounding yes.


Son of a Preacher Man

Jake preached Sunday morning at Uptown, which is exciting because we have several pastors and several interns, so you only get one shot. The sermon is online here if you’d like to check it out.

(While you’re at it, there’s a sermon from our pastor Tom Hawkes called “The Sacrifice for Service,” from Dec 17 of last year. Listen to it too– it’s one of the best messages we’ve heard.)