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Snow Day! (sort of)

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A glorious sight met our eyes when we opened the door this morning! You can’t see the flakes in this picture, but we got a hard, steady snow from ~6:00-9:30 this morning!

Even more glorious for Melissa:

Since Jake did have to go to school (“We’re like the Post Office,” I was told yesterday, yet the library and bookstore were closed), we headed to the Kulps’ for a few minutes, where Dave & Mary were stuffing Cel & Ben into their fleeces like little sausages.

The Purdys weren’t far behind us. This is Owen’s first snow, and he wasn’t sure what to think.

Bennet, Celia & Owen. Lucy can’t sit up yet, so it would have been pretty cruel to include her here.

The Nashes’ sled finally came in handy!

We really like how Lucy fits under Sean’s jacket.

M & Linley (who teaches at CDS) rejoice in their day off. Thank you, Dr. Halvorson!

One last shot before the kids started to melt down.

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