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Son of a Preacher Man


Jake preached Sunday morning at Uptown, which is exciting because we have several pastors and several interns, so you only get one shot. The sermon is online here if you’d like to check it out.

(While you’re at it, there’s a sermon from our pastor Tom Hawkes called “The Sacrifice for Service,” from Dec 17 of last year. Listen to it too– it’s one of the best messages we’ve heard.)

2 thoughts on “Son of a Preacher Man

  1. Well, Jake, I tried to listen to your sermon, but as we say…this is India. I’m sure it was a good one. I appreciate you guys actually keeping a blog going. I always have somewhere to go for a little entertainment while I’m sitting in this internet cafe bored of surfing.

  2. listening right now… Since I just started a class on Mark, I’m very interested in learning from the great teacher- Jake. Congrats on having this opportunity!!

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