Blue Sky

the hunts in prague

God bless you, Panera.

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Many readers may know of Jake’s uncanny knack for stumbling “bass-ackwards” into free food. It’s not a skill; I seldom have any idea it’s coming. Last night was one of my finer moments: The Panera Bread Fairy (Luke Johnson) came and delivered about 35 lbs of tasty treats to our house. Don’t worry, it’s being distributed to other needy people in the Camden area (i.e. seminary students). And don’t worry, we have lots of bagels for ourselves too. And pastries. And baguettes. And foccacia. And sandwich bread. And sourdough bread bowls. And a brownie cake. And shortbread cookies.

It’s a name that deserves to be in baguettes.

Seriously, if you read this Thursday and you’re in Charlotte, come get some or we’ll have to throw some away.

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