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the hunts in prague

Shower the People You Love with Love

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Last weekend was Hunt’s first shower, given by several of Grandma Cindi’s friends. It was quite a shindig, and the boy is well on the way to being spoiled rotten.

photos courtesy of Melissa’s friend, Tina, and Cindi’s camera:

Hunt (in belly) with his Mom and his two grandmothers, Cindi & Pam.

Melissa with some old church friends: Julie, Emily, and Elizabeth.

So many sweet ladies.

Melissa and sorority sister/roommate/bridesmaid Tina, who was also the photographer for the day. Thanks Tina!

Jake’s sister, Kelsey, was a great scribe. Magnificent penmanship.

Jake wasn’t actually invited to the shower, but he and Ken, trying to show up at the end to load up the loot and eat breakfast casserole, actually ariived not very far into the opening process. Not sure what the baby-shower vets thought of that, but no one complained.

We now have lots of goodies just waiting for their owner to arrive!

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