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Video Monday

We saw this a couple of weeks ago and I can’t stop laughing at it. Important distinction: this isn’t making fun of Jesus, but of how he is sometimes portrayed. That’s why I think it’s funny and not heretical.

By the way, check out all the new dots on the map! (To the left and down.) Apparently we’re all over the Lower 48 now. I don’t know who the Hawaii person is, but thanks for reading. If anybody could call some friends in Australia, Russia and South America and get them to check out the blog that would be great.


Test Run

UPDATE: We came home about 10AM Saturday. Her fever is down, Hunt is fine, and they let us go once she kept breakfast down. Now we’re sanitizing the house and taking it easy. Thanks for your prayers.

Don’t worry everybody, it’s not what you think. Melissa woke up this morning with a mean stomach bug, and couldn’t keep anything down, including water. We got an appointment with her OBGYN, and he decided to put her in the hospital, just so they could watch her closely and keep her on an IV. We were in OB triage all afternoon, and she still has a slight fever, so they’re keeping her overnight. They’ve run a monitor on Hunt several times and he’s fine.

The bad news is that we didn’t get to go on our trip to the country with several friends this weekend. The good news is that they’re keeping us in the new fancy baby wing of the hospital, so our room is pretty swank. Hardwood floors, lots of space, DVD player, all sorts of perks. Also we’ve basically been everywhere we’ll have to go when it’s baby time. Our hospital tour is actually Sunday, but we might see if we can klep out of some of it.

If you’ve been reading, you know it’s been a pretty stressful week. Please pray that M’s fever will go down, the bug will pass and we can go home tomorrow morning and chill– we really need it. We’ll let you know if anything big happens.

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The Plot Thickens Yet Again

UPDATE: Reunited, and it feels so good. They weren’t clear on me wanting it left out to pick up overnight.

After the excitement of Saturday night and the failure of the dealership in Raleigh to find out what’s wrong with this magnificent automobile, I took it yesterday to a new mechanic who was highly recommended by a friend. I like this new mechanic; he was very attentive, called me a couple of times, got work done quickly and could have convinced me to do more but didn’t. I paid over the phone and we went tonight to pick up the Jeep.

We got to the shop. No Jeep. Maybe in the other parking lot. Nope. Is it in the garage? Possibly, but I don’t see it. I can’t hear the horn when I click my clicker.

So hopefully the new mechanic forgot to leave the Jeep out in the parking lot, and it’s safely tucked away in a corner of the garage. Hopefully they didn’t leave it out, and then someone else got to it before us. Because I’m just not sure I can handle that kind of drama. Stay tuned.

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When we called Friday night to schedule another flight, they told us the earliest they could get us was 5:30 PM Sunday. That wasn’t attractive to us, so we decided we would go to the airport, stand in line for a while, and try to get on the earliest flight they had available. That’s exactly what we did. Except that those three steps took from 11 AM Saturday to 7:30 PM Saturday. We stood in line for six and a half hours!

This was our world. Note all the empty work stations, like when Wal-Mart has three out of 47 lanes open. Can you see me near the middle, on hold for 2 hours with US Air before we gave up?

Ordinarily a huge pile of snow would be so exciting, but that day it was just taunting us.

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More from Philly

Thursday night after a team dinner at a quaint Philly establishment called T.G.I. Friday’s, we had an Office party in the basement. Clockwise from me: Sarah (Uganda), Emily (N Africa), Jessica (Spain), and David (Emily’s husband, therefore also N Africa). M took the picture and Lauda (Spain) was out of the room at this point.

Throughout the day Friday the view got progressively worse out of our boardroom window. This was officially the first time we have been disappointed to see snow.

Killing some time while waiting to find out about flights. The foosball table at WHM works a lot like ping pong at RTS– if you see somebody stick their head in the door, it means they’re looking for a fourth.

Once we slogged through the icy/slushy roads to Chrissy’s, it was nice. We ate, watched movies and basically had a slumber party. Chrissy had hosted four of us all week, but Friday night she had all seven!

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Streets of Philadelphia (na na na)

Wednesday morning, while the WHM people pored over our interviews and pondered our signing bonuses, we got to take a mini-tour of some of the standard Philly spots.

You know the girl in the pink jacket. In the green jacket a couple of people ahead is Matthew, WHM’s Web design guy and one of our tour guides for the morning.

Can I just be honest? The Liberty Bell is an underwhelming cultural artifact. It’s cracked. And it’s not like it cracked in 1973. It cracked a long, long time ago, and wasn’t used for very long before it cracked. It’s not even that big. It does have a nicer building than the last time I saw it.

Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were drafted.

Look at that garage. Man, that thing’s tiny. Seriously.

If we were in high school you know we would have been all over this.

Reading St Market, which was really cool. All kinds of shops, including…

A very authentic Philly cheese steak place. It was tasty.