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Shower the People, part 2

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Shower #2 was in Charlotte this weekend. It was a very Hunt-appropriate affair: 3 kinds of chili and tasty desserts by Adam & Paige. Grae took lots of pictures with his fancy-pants camera, so hopefully we’ll get some of those, but here’s a start.

There was an honest-to-goodness drinking game. Turns out it’s really hard to get 2 oz. out of one of those bottles. My face hurt really bad. But I won. And nobody else won, only me.

Adam didn’t win either. But he & Paige made astounding desserts, catered to Melissa’s and my tastes.

Jessica Dean gave Hunt this tiny Uptown shirt, which predates our church’s name change from Uptown Christ Covenant Church to just Uptown Church (a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America). That means it’s vintage.

One thought on “Shower the People, part 2

  1. darn cute tshirt. about the only cool thing i found when i cleaned out the closets. hope the sausage cake likes it!

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