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the hunts in prague

And when we say "MAN-child…"

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M had a doctor’s appointment yesterday, and he thought she was measuring a little small. Since we’re going out of town next week, he went ahead and scheduled an ultrasound for today, just to make sure everything was OK. Everything is fine. Except, perhaps, Dr. Dehoff’s measuring. Because Hunt is by no means measuring small. He is, in fact, measuring 2 weeks ahead of how old he is. They estimate that he’s 4 lbs, and he still has 8 weeks to go! The nurse said that they would probably schedule another ultrasound when it gets closer, to make sure they don’t leave him in there too long. Looks like a chunky monkey on the way. His father is thrilled.

As an added bonus, we get more pictures!

His little face looking up– the nose and mouth are so clear!

He was showing off his foot, which the nurse said was pretty big.

Praise the Lord for a healthy baby! Another update: we have a backup digital camera for the Philly trip. The blogosphere heaves a deep sigh of relief…

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