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the hunts in prague

Made it


We got here fine, met and had dinner tonight with our fellow assess-ees and some of the WHM staff. We’re staying at a really cool house with a lady who’s very kind and hospitable and two of the other girls who are here for A&O week. Our group is 2 married couples, 2 college girls and a girl who’s been out of school for a couple of years. The girls are all looking to do year-and-a-half apprenticeships, I think all of them in Granada. The other couple wants to go to Africa, and us to Prague. It was cool to hear from all of them tonight and see how the Lord has made us all want to serve him in different ways. Tomorrow we will learn more about World Harvest, and then Tues is the heavy interview day. Please continue to pray that God will make his will clear to the people here and to us.

Nothing terribly picturesque happened today, but maybe tomorrow. Philadelphia’s airport is a little confusing, but we saw a lot of the city from the train, which was cool. Wednesday morning we get to do more touristy stuff. Check back on us tomorrow and we’ll see if we have anything more exciting to share!

2 thoughts on “Made it

  1. Please have a few Slurpees for me! That was all I did in Philly. I miss them so…And oh yeah, we are pulling for you…

  2. keep us posted. glad to hear how it went….wondering if they’ll reveal all the wierd things they were looking for in your psych interviews….praying…maryps…for some reason the top of my head is tingling

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