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Our New Digs


Today we heard more about the history, vision and values of WHM, and also did some good team-building (and watch-you-like-a-hawk-to-see-how-you-do-under-pressure) stuff. One involved a toxic waste spill that we had to move from one place to another using only string and a deflated bike tire, a second one was me and M witnessing to a Ugandan named Sam (who was really a WHM staffer named Matt), and a third involved a plane crash in northern Canada with only a very specific list of items, which we had to list in order of importance.

So it wouldn’t be very missional of us to be snapshotting during our training, but we thought we’d really be letting our faithful readers down if we couldn’t find anything to post. So here are some shots of our room. It’s a great guest room, and was the room of this lady’s oldest son, who’s in school now.

Ah yes, the obligatory giant baseball glove chair. Everybody needs one.

For some reason this was random and funny to me. You might have to click for close-up on the text. Cheerleaders, apparently, will make the guy feel better about his hamstring.

The catechism exam doesn’t care that I’m out of town all week.

Tomorrow is probably the most intense day. We have 5 different interviews: Personal, understanding of the gospel, finance/development, vision/experience, and general assessment by the overseas director. Please pray that we’ll be honest, that we’ll take their feedback well, and that the Lord will give them and us wisdom. Pray too for the others who are here with us; it’s a fun group. Tomorrow we have a free night, so hopefully we can post some pictures of our teammates for the week.

2 thoughts on “Our New Digs

  1. jake…You look a little like a vampire in that Chatechism picture. Just what’s going on up there in Phila?Dave

  2. Just go easy on the garlic.

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