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the hunts in prague

Chillin’ out, maxxin, relaxin’ all cool


Well, the most intense day is apparently behind us. Unless we get sent home tomorrow– that might be pretty intense. Seriously, thanks everyone for praying for us today. The interviews weren’t nearly as scary as we thought they might be, and some of them were really helpful. Tomorrow morning we have a tour of the city while the WHM folks talk us over (including a conference call with Phil in Prague), and tomorrow afternoon is the big moment. I think there might be some sort of ceremony involving torches.

Another thing to pray about: the Jeep was doing some weird things electrically on the way from Charlotte to Raleigh, and today we made arrangements to get it worked on in Raleigh while we’re here. Please pray that they’ll quickly find out what’s wrong, that it won’t be bad, and that it will be finished on Friday when we get back.

Tonight after the long day of serious questions, we had a fun, relaxing night at home. Our host Chrissy had bought us some great steaks and all kinds of other stuff, but she wasn’t going to be here, so she asked, “Would any of you be able to work the grill?” Let’s just say we found someone who managed to get by. Here’s us with the two other girls who are staying at the same house, Jessica (with the brown hair, a Furman student hoping to go to Spain) and Lauda (red sweatshirt), a nurse who’s hoping for an apprenticeship, possibly also in Spain.

2 thoughts on “Chillin’ out, maxxin, relaxin’ all cool

  1. Jake is that beer and wine? It really has been a stressful process. (carrie)

  2. Maybe I should have titled this post “The Most Short-Lived Missionary Career Ever.” Let’s all act like we didn’t see anything.

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