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Thursday night after a team dinner at a quaint Philly establishment called T.G.I. Friday’s, we had an Office party in the basement. Clockwise from me: Sarah (Uganda), Emily (N Africa), Jessica (Spain), and David (Emily’s husband, therefore also N Africa). M took the picture and Lauda (Spain) was out of the room at this point.

Throughout the day Friday the view got progressively worse out of our boardroom window. This was officially the first time we have been disappointed to see snow.

Killing some time while waiting to find out about flights. The foosball table at WHM works a lot like ping pong at RTS– if you see somebody stick their head in the door, it means they’re looking for a fourth.

Once we slogged through the icy/slushy roads to Chrissy’s, it was nice. We ate, watched movies and basically had a slumber party. Chrissy had hosted four of us all week, but Friday night she had all seven!

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  1. (Kristi)That picture of the house is beautiful! I want to have a slumber party there!

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