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Streets of Philadelphia (na na na)

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Wednesday morning, while the WHM people pored over our interviews and pondered our signing bonuses, we got to take a mini-tour of some of the standard Philly spots.

You know the girl in the pink jacket. In the green jacket a couple of people ahead is Matthew, WHM’s Web design guy and one of our tour guides for the morning.

Can I just be honest? The Liberty Bell is an underwhelming cultural artifact. It’s cracked. And it’s not like it cracked in 1973. It cracked a long, long time ago, and wasn’t used for very long before it cracked. It’s not even that big. It does have a nicer building than the last time I saw it.

Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were drafted.

Look at that garage. Man, that thing’s tiny. Seriously.

If we were in high school you know we would have been all over this.

Reading St Market, which was really cool. All kinds of shops, including…

A very authentic Philly cheese steak place. It was tasty.

One thought on “Streets of Philadelphia (na na na)

  1. What?!? You didn’t go to Hard Rock? Wow! After all those choir tours together eating appetizers (’cause that’s all we could afford) and not being able to hear each other while we talked, you decided to go for an authentic cheese steak instead??? OK, I guess we’ll allow it (but I won’t tell anyone at Trinity)!

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