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The Plot Thickens Yet Again

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UPDATE: Reunited, and it feels so good. They weren’t clear on me wanting it left out to pick up overnight.

After the excitement of Saturday night and the failure of the dealership in Raleigh to find out what’s wrong with this magnificent automobile, I took it yesterday to a new mechanic who was highly recommended by a friend. I like this new mechanic; he was very attentive, called me a couple of times, got work done quickly and could have convinced me to do more but didn’t. I paid over the phone and we went tonight to pick up the Jeep.

We got to the shop. No Jeep. Maybe in the other parking lot. Nope. Is it in the garage? Possibly, but I don’t see it. I can’t hear the horn when I click my clicker.

So hopefully the new mechanic forgot to leave the Jeep out in the parking lot, and it’s safely tucked away in a corner of the garage. Hopefully they didn’t leave it out, and then someone else got to it before us. Because I’m just not sure I can handle that kind of drama. Stay tuned.

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