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Test Run


UPDATE: We came home about 10AM Saturday. Her fever is down, Hunt is fine, and they let us go once she kept breakfast down. Now we’re sanitizing the house and taking it easy. Thanks for your prayers.

Don’t worry everybody, it’s not what you think. Melissa woke up this morning with a mean stomach bug, and couldn’t keep anything down, including water. We got an appointment with her OBGYN, and he decided to put her in the hospital, just so they could watch her closely and keep her on an IV. We were in OB triage all afternoon, and she still has a slight fever, so they’re keeping her overnight. They’ve run a monitor on Hunt several times and he’s fine.

The bad news is that we didn’t get to go on our trip to the country with several friends this weekend. The good news is that they’re keeping us in the new fancy baby wing of the hospital, so our room is pretty swank. Hardwood floors, lots of space, DVD player, all sorts of perks. Also we’ve basically been everywhere we’ll have to go when it’s baby time. Our hospital tour is actually Sunday, but we might see if we can klep out of some of it.

If you’ve been reading, you know it’s been a pretty stressful week. Please pray that M’s fever will go down, the bug will pass and we can go home tomorrow morning and chill– we really need it. We’ll let you know if anything big happens.

2 thoughts on “Test Run

  1. Glad everyone is OK! Keep us posted.

  2. (Kristi)So glad Mel and Hunt are doing well…Take care!

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