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Bad to the Bone


This weekend Melissa’s brother Andrew married his fiance Melissa (whose name is now Melissa Nash– how about that?). The wedding was under the arbor at the Nash’s church’s campground, and was one of the most fun weddings we’ve been to. And easily the longest blog post ever.

On the right side, our cousins Alex, Morgan and Margaret (the twins), and Avery. On the left (from top to bottom), Melissa’s kids Sidney, Anina and Austin. We had lots of little people around.

We are Avery’s godparents, and she is precious.

The 4 kids are Cindi’s sister Kelley’s, on the right. Cindi is Melissa Hunt‘s mom. See, you’re learning so much already.

Bill preparing for the champagne toast Friday night.

The bride and groom are very much in love, and hopefully had a near-perfect weekend.

Morgan and Margaret are some of our favorite kids in the world. Margaret is helpfully missing a tooth, and Morgan usually wears pink. We see them about once a year, and now they’re old enough to remember us every time, which makes the first hour or so less awkward.

Did I mention it was a biker wedding? Andrew and his crowd (including the bride) rode in together on his Harley. It was pretty freakin’ cool.

This dude is ready to rock.

The kids needed a little bit of instruction on their jobs, but they did great. Austin went wherever he pleased, which lots of us have wished we could do during some weddings.

The tie count at this wedding was pretty low. But Davis, the pastor, told Andrew “You be yourself, and I’ll be myself.”

The girls and two of the groomsmen. The guy on the left is Bass, Andrew’s best man- he is really funny. He appears again later on.

Carrying the flowers is Melissa’s “maid” of honor. A wedding where two bikers prance out arm in arm simply can’t be topped.

I think Andrew & his parents are looking at three different cameras.

The entire Nash/Clark clan. These are all siblings of Cindi and their families.

Before posing, these people asked if M was going to show the picture to the police [I’m not kidding]. So don’t tell anyone it’s here.

Austin quickly found his way to the cupcake tree (handmade by Bill Nash and a friend), and spent the whole reception eating frosting and sawdust. There were cupcakes with the frosting cleaned off left all over the campground.

Several of M Hunt’s friends with the bride and her chariot.

Afterward M’s cousin Bryan did some climbing in the rafters to get down some of the lights. They were installed from a ladder, but ladders are such a pain.

Sidney, Morgan, Margaret, Annina, and the Nashes’ neighbor, also Sidney.

This was a recreation of a Mother’s Day picture from a few years ago, but this time M couldn’t quite reach Cindi on account of the belly. Maybe next year.

Happy trails!

After the family reception at the campground, we headed to Micky Dee’s (no, not the Golden Arches, but you might remember it from the Christmas karaoke post) for the adult reception. There were leftover cupcakes, which Bass very graciously served (actually earlier he was using Bud Light trays). “Take a cupcake.” No thanks, I’m fine. “TAKE A &@%*#^ CUPCAKE!” Why, I don’t mind if I do.

Other highlights:

  • Harley T-shirts. One girl had one that said “Does this bike make my butt look fast?” And of course, “IF YOU CAN READ THIS I THREW THE &^%^# OFF.” Excellent.
  • A girl at Micky Dee’s was intent on making sure everyone had a great time. She danced with Melissa’s uncle Peter and her dad.
  • Music. Guests were seated to Jimi Hendrix, “Foxy Lady.” The groomsmen walked in to ZZ Top’s “La Grange,” and the bride entered to “Bad to the Bone.” The recessional was Elvin Bishop’s “I Fooled Around and Fell in Love” (you know, “I must have been through about a million girls…”).
  • The bride’s dress had very subtle white flames around the bottom.
  • A band called Rockasaurus was playing at Micky Dee’s. I have since learned that they are “the Southeast’s best classic rock live band for any occasion.” Pretty impressive.

It was a great weekend and we are so happy to have Melissa and the kids in the family!

3 thoughts on “Bad to the Bone

  1. Niiiiice. Testosterone. Estrogen. Leather. Gasoline. Sawdust. Cupcakes. Love. Wish I could have been there.

  2. (Kristi) This is my favorite blog. Done. No doubt. You should stop blogging now.

  3. What words do I even use? I think Kristi said it all. The only word that comes to mind- fan-damn-tastic.

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