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Birthday Girl

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The Melissa Nash story begins in the spring of 1978, when a little girl was born who was (characteristically, it would turn out) in no hurry to get out of her mom’s belly and had lost interest in food altogether. But she adapted, Andrew (the biker-to-be) arrived 2 years later and the Nash family was complete– the very picture of suburban domestic bliss.

The daughter of an architect, creativity was encouraged in Melissa’s family from the very beginning. Melissa’s wings here are homemade, and Andrew as a house was also a family project.

Yet her skills were by no means limited to the artistic. In addition to various swimming titles, the young angler became known for catching the biggest bass in Bellows Lake (Michigan).

Today we celebrated 29 years of Face.

Glory Revealed is a new worship album with songs straight from Scripture. We recommend it.

At our house the question “What do you want to do for your birthday?” is translated “What do you want to eat for your birthday?” (Which encompasses all three meals, and sometimes more than one day.) This year M chose to start the day with strawberry-filled French toast. She was treated to lunch at Panera by Linsdey, Kristen, Mary and all kids, and we had homemade calzones for dinner.

We are now a Crocs family. Before too long there will be some tiny red ones too.

We capped off the day with milkshakes from Chick-Fil-A (mint cookies & cream, for a limited time only) and our Thursday tradition of watching The Office with Sean & Lindsey. Providentially, it was the first new episode in forever, and a super-sized 45 minutes at that.

Happy birthday Melissa!

One thought on “Birthday Girl

  1. Happy Birthday from us in Prague! Sorry you didn’t get that Harley you had been hoping for…

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