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Everybody’s Working for the Weekend


This weekend was the Third Somewhat Annual Fry Fest that Jake is occasionally enlisted by Tyler to help with for the church. Me & Tyler getting ready for action:

This was my fourth or fifth fish fry, and I think I’ve really hit my stride in terms of planning. The menu was catfish, wings, hush puppies and fries. Previous years have seen a lot of frantic on-site breading in big Zip-Loc bags; this is both time-consuming and messy. Last week I had a revelation: pre-bread in coolers. So into the blue cooler went fish, flour, corn meal and Old Bay, and into the red cooler went chicken wings, flour, and salt & pepper.

All this happened at the house, along with the mixing of the hush-puppy mix. That meant very little on-site prep. My setup looked pretty professional, if I do say so myself. Uptown Church (A Congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America) now owns an outdoor fryer because of a still-unexplained problem with mine last year, so I had two going. Start early enough, change the oil halfway through to avoid the nasty smoky taste, and you’re good to go.

Melissa, sadly, couldn’t make it to the fish fry. She was in a skit called “The School Secretary from the Black Lagoon” at Covenant Day School’s “Faculty Follies.” She played a kid… an 8 1/2 months pregnant kid? Scandalous.

One person who was able to make it to the fish fry was our friend and fellow blogger Annie, who drove up from the ATL to spend the weekend with us and get a look at M’s belly.

We continued our Taste of Charlotte weekend Saturday by visiting the farmer’s market (a wonderland of fresh fruits and vegetables), Pasta & Provisions, and the Fresh Market.
At P&P we picked up some tasty antipasti, as well as pizza dough for Saturday night.

Other than that, we didn’t do a whole lot. It was great to hang out with Annie, have an excuse not to do schoolwork, catch up and relax. Since this is so fascinating, you can read more at her blog.

4 thoughts on “Everybody’s Working for the Weekend

  1. Wow – strange when the two blogs that I read (okay, daily) collide. A little creepy…

  2. p.s. the scandalous 8 1/2 month pregnant kid made me laugh out loud in my office 🙂

  3. The fish fry was very professional and very excellent, thanks for another happy fry fest Jake.Carrie

  4. Its about time to get serious – TWO a days – blog postings that is.We know you’re “half” retired and the room is ready. Let’s see more data, input – the output can wait, but the input needs to “come forth” (almost sounds seminarian?).

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