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The Waiting Game (and) This One’s For You, JG


Part 1: The Waiting Game
Apparently some commenters are wondering what we’re up to these days. We’re nesting. Both of us. The only reason we haven’t wanted Hunt to come yet, the RTS graduation banquet, was Friday. We spent Saturday getting the house ready for our new resident, so now there are a few little things, but mostly waiting.

Part of our preparation included getting real Internet at home, including wireless. We’ve hit the big time. I could be blogging from anywhere in the house. I’m not, but I could. Our network is called Future Dwight. Little inside, I know.

While we wait, here are some pictures from our project last weekend, while Annie was here. There are several kids in our lives who we love like they were our own, and we thought it would be fun to commission some art from them for Hunt’s room.

Owen, sadly, was banished to the back porch for being communicable.

Lucy was the first to belly up to the canvas.

Later we decided Owen would be OK as long as he & Lucy didn’t get frisky. He made a great handprint.

Celia & Bennett came over a couple of days later to make their additions. Bennett went a little hog wild and had to be strip-cleaned. Although the paint was water-based, it took a couple of days to get off. ‘Ole Ben’s pretty pale.

Celia & ‘Missa’ with the finished product.

And here we are! We think he’ll like it.

Part 2: This One’s For You, JG
Normally this would be a different post, but we’re trying to time it for Hunt’s arrival to be our 100th post. There’s no real reason to do that, but whatever. Anyway, this is my favorite Office clip ever, which is hard to find because it’s in a deleted scene from season 2. This is for JG, and Athens-era people will know why.

3 thoughts on “The Waiting Game (and) This One’s For You, JG

  1. Great clip…I can just hear JG laughing.

  2. What comment could possibly do that clip justice. Simply amazing.Thanks for the shout out, Jake.JG”I just left him there. I didn’t want to eat that mess.”

  3. The final product of the art looks awesome. Can’t wait for that 100th post telling us all about Hunt!

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