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the hunts in prague

The Big Day


UPDATE #3: This 100th-blog-post thing is starting to look a little forced, but oh well. While you’re waiting for Hunt news (just like us), check out this amazing story from the Davises in Prague. It involves famous people.

UPDATE #2: Hunt is still very happy where he is, thank you. We keep telling him about all the stuff he gets if he’ll just come out, but he’s straight chillin’. Also, apparently somebody tipped off YouTube about a “copyright infringement,” so the deer hunting video is no longer available. There’s always that one guy who ruins it for everybody.

UPDATE: Today the bricks were moved to a flatbed trailer, and they sat there, along with 4 huge ladders, all afternoon. Then, as suddenly as it all began, it was all over, and the bricks and ladders were gone. An unsolved mystery if there ever was one.

{…crickets… crickets…}

Yeah, so Hunt’s due date came and went without much action (unless something happens in the next 2 hours). M started having really slight contractions at irregular intervals last night, and that was enough to send us (ok, me) into turbo mode, so now we’re really ready. But Hunt’s not, so that’s OK. Tonight we went to dinner with the Purdys and a dollar movie, and we’ll find something fun to do every day he doesn’t come. Tomorrow is banana split day.

To keep you entertained, some random photos:

Friday night was the RTS graduation banquet (which– this is true– was scheduled earlier than usual to accommodate our due date). In conjunction with the banquet was the First Annual TULIP Awards, officiated by Jake and Matt. These are sort of a cross between the Academy Awards and Senior Superlatives.

Matt (top center): Most Likely to Nuance
Jake: Most Likely to Preach Authoritatively in Birkenstocks and Tweed
Sean (blue coat): Most Likely to Introduce Bow Ties to Latin America
Tyler (tan coat): Ahead of the Game, or the TULIP for Three Weeks Ahead on Everything
Ted (striped polo): Most Likely to Slaughter You at Ping-Pong While Asking About Your Prayer Life

We know seminary humor is uncool, but we’re enjoying it while we can.

Lock & load, baby. We’re good to go.

Last night was Senior Appreciation Night (or something like that) at Women of RTS. Which, until M and her crowd came along and shook things up, was actually called Mrs. In Ministry. Seriously.

Also, today a large pile of bricks was deposited by our apartment.
We don’t know why.
Perhaps an addition to the back porch?
But the bricks are used, and they’re not in the best shape.
We’ll keep you posted.

No one has actually told us that ice cream speeds up labor, but we’re willing to try anything.

3 thoughts on “The Big Day

  1. The bricks are a graduation gift. Just say thank you. Don’t ask questions.I’m glad you blogged- I’d be lying if I said I haven’t checked your blog hourly today to see if Hunt had arrived. So what? 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t be in such a hurry either …..I my name was going to be Rasputin!

  3. In my opinion, babies that are born late are much cuter, much fatter, and way smarter than babies born on time! Hang in there, the Rhodes family is praying for yall!

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