Blue Sky

the hunts in prague

Without further ado…


Samuel Nash Hunt (Sam)
10 lbs (yeah, that’s right), 22 inches
5:16 AM, May 15

“Because I have asked for him from the LORD.” 1 Samuel 1:20

14 thoughts on “Without further ado…

  1. amazing and absolutely precious! praise to you, Lord for such a sweet gift! we love you already baby sam!

  2. I love that he already has rolls! We love you Samuel and are so excited about getting to meet you.

  3. Precious!!!! I love the name Sam too…well worth the wait and weight!-carrie

  4. congratulations! he is beautiful!

  5. Welcome, Sam! We’re thankful that all are well and healthy. He’s a beautiful boy!

  6. He is beautiful, and so chubby! I love it! I should pass along some of Asher’s “big baby” clothes! Congrats yall, what an amazing blessing!

  7. He is amazingly handsome, AND he’s gonna feel just right in Capes’ arms!! We love all three of you guys!

  8. how handsome! that little guy has already brought so much joy to so many people in just one day!

  9. We are very excited for you. He looks like a Nash-Hunt baby “face”

  10. Congratulations! I know he’s got one proud Grandpa! :-)-Anita Goodman

  11. So sweet! Congrats! Give him a squeeze from us.

  12. What’s up, SAM! Glad you’re here!! 🙂 Great name. Love y’all. Congrats.

  13. He is amazing! CONGRATULATIONS! 10 pounds! What a beautiful boy! Way to go! I love you all! Sarita

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