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the hunts in prague

Day 2 (updated)


Everybody got some great rest last night, and Sam had another big day with lots of people coming to love on him.

After breakfast we had a good stretch of awake time. He has eyes after all.

More fun visitors! Pastor Linz & his fashionable long hair:

Cousin Celia again, who wasn’t sure why her Nene had another baby on her lap.

David, April & Mia:

“So do you poop in your pants? Awesome. Me too.”

Tyler & Carrie (Maggie slept through her visit):

Jessica & Brian:

Carlton & Linley, plus baby in utero:

Nat & Shannon (Graham, not pictured, wins the “youngest visitor” award at 3 wks):

The Garrisons (James is ticked because he couldn’t get out of his stroller):

Lene helps convince me I’m a decent photographer.

We debuted the binky tonight. It was a big hit.

Grampa Bill says goodbye until next week. Grandma Cindi is staying, or else Dad’s graduation would be in jeopardy.

Some fun facts about Sam:

  • He remains the biggest kid in the nursery after losing 4 oz yesterday.
  • He can hold his head up. For a while.
  • He has a swirly cowlick front & center on his forehead.
  • He has a very manly scar on his cheek, which makes him look tough.
  • He wears size 1 diapers. The newborn diapers at home will have to go elsewhere.
  • He likes to eat. Seriously, he really likes to eat.
  • He has big hands & feet. How bout them Dawgs?

Tomorrow: homecoming, Dad’s birthday, “The Office” season finale. Look out blog-world.

3 thoughts on “Day 2 (updated)

  1. Good lookin boy you got there, Hunts. And it’s good to know that he got Uncle JG’s cowlick.

  2. Look at those man hands!!!!

  3. i KNEW there was a reason i got you non-infant size diapers (beyond the fact i know nothing about those things)!

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