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Capes Visit

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Some of the most excited of Sam’s new friends are Natalie, Ryann, and Silas. Also, Paige, who kept Uptown posted while we were in the hospital, and Adam, who gave Sam the name Sausage Cake and won the pool for being closest to the actual weight. He’s believed in Sam from the beginning.

Ryann had been so pumped about meeting Sam that every time something happened she had to remind herself it wasn’t him: the doorbell rang Wednesday and she said “It’s not baby Sam,” and they went to the doctor Thurs and she said “Baby Sam isn’t going to be there.”

Natalie gave me a birthday hug and said “I’m so glad he’s here!”

The full-size kids of the Capes/Hunt Life Group. We breed ’em large. And we serve pie. Any given Wednesday.

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