Blue Sky

the hunts in prague



1. This is me (J) with my grandfather, JMH the First, AKA Big Daddy (for obvious reasons). Look like anybody you know?

2. I neglected to mention in our “fun facts” the other day that Sam has hair on his shoulders. Like a gorilla. Together with the scar and his general heft, it adds to the toughness. Maybe he can be a biker like his Uncle Andrew.

3. Grandma Cindi has introduced us to sending digital pictures to Wal-Mart for prints. You can send them to any Wal-Mart and pick them up in an hour. This made several great-grandparents very happy. Just a tip for anybody who’s interested.

2 thoughts on “Miscellanies

  1. Listen, new dad, you are posting quicker than I can comment. Geez. Happy birthday! Beer cake? It couldn’t have happened to a better person.I want another face shot of Sam! Come on!

  2. Here, here, Annie…I too am falling way behind. Happy Birthday, Jake!

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