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By Popular Demand


Geez, now the commenters are throwing out requests. But for two of our most loyal readers, Annie and Kristi, here you go.

His eyes are a little gunky from some medicine, but he’s still the best looking baby. Ever. We’re pretty sure the face is starting to round out some. 20 lbs by Labor Day?

5 thoughts on “By Popular Demand

  1. Dang. That’s a fine looking man. Thanks for filling fan requests- much appreciated. Love y’all.

  2. I’ll give em’ best looking boy, but for best looking girl see 😉

  3. He is precious guys! Melissa you are a champ….10 pounds! Let’s see if he can reach 20 by 6 months like Maggie Beth. Check out for very old photos. Daniel is gearing up for, coming soon, if we ever get time between playing princess and exersaucers. Love you guys, Katie and Daniel White in Marietta

  4. 20lbs by Labor Day is nothing! Asher was almost 17 lbs by 10 weeks! And by 4 months he was over 20 lbs. So, Sam don’t let your parents set such low expectations…prove that you can meet the 20 lb mark before Labor Day!

  5. That’s what we like. Keep ’em coming…

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