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Pomp and Circumstance, OR In Which Sam Celebrates the Third Major Event of His Two-Week-Long Life

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We were a little nervous about graduation weekend: there were lots of plans, lots of family, a pretty important ceremony, a picnic later in the afternoon, and yet you just never know what you’ll be able to do with a 10-day-old. Short version: Sam was an absolute champ. Not a sound during the ceremony, handled the reception at RTS, and let us have a great time at the picnic. Thanks, buddy.

Anyway, Friday there was a staff lunch at church for the graduating Uptown interns: Ted, Matt, Tyler & Jake.

From left to right: Graham, Sam, & Maggie. Maggie is the oldest at 2 months. In case you’re wondering, yes, Uptown Church is a baby factory.

Friday night relatives began to swarm the house, including some who met Sam for the first time:

Grandmary, one of Sam’s four great-grandmothers.

Uncle Andrew & Aunt Melissa, ?(you may remember their wedding) who rode up on the Harley.

Uncle Paul, whose face you’ll see in a later post.

We were able to throw together an impromptu cookout by the pool. And so it was that the weekend started with a bang.

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