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the hunts in prague

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Sam’s First Road Trip

It’s still in progress, but here’s what we have so far. We’re in Warner Robins to see Kelsey’s choir concert, and– let’s just be honest– to parade Sam around. Pammie, Sam’s grandmother, had surgery on a torn rotator cuff this weekend, so she’s hopped up on pain meds and has lots of fun things to say. Sam’s cousin Celia doesn’t know what to think about another baby, but everybody else is having a pretty good time.

Kelsey was in school when Sam was born, on a trip during graduation, and then we missed hers, but she finally got to meet Sam in the (chubby) flesh.

Sam got to hang out with his Nene some too.

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Ghetto Fabulous

I needed a beer for a marinade Thursday night, so I walked to the corner store to get the cheapest single I could find. Imagine my delight when it was the tall-boy Budweiser in the can. So classy. As Lionel Richie sang “All Night Long” overhead, I felt compelled to tell the clerk it was to cook with. I don’t think he cared. Imagine my even greater delight when he actually put it in the brown paper bag that’s made especially for cheap adult beverages.

Am I too classy to live in a major European city? Maybe. Just maybe.

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First Haircut

To get ready for his first trip, Sam had a little trim on the “sprout” on top of his head. It’s growing pretty quick and was getting a little rat-tail-ish.


During. (No, son, there’s nothing going on behind you. Why do you ask?)


Not too shabby, Mom! There was even one more touchup after this last picture, so he’s looking even sharper now.

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The Weekend

“You mean I have two different grandparents coming two days in a row?! Sweet.”

Sam and Gaffer share a passion for the Sabbath nap.

Apparently there’s a six-weeks growth spurt, and Sam’s in it. Sunday night we had an unbelievable drinking party. By my calculations he drank about 5% of his body weight in 2 hours. This would be like me drinking just over 8 lbs. Good job, buddy.

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More on the Way

You can tell from our pictures that we’re in that season where all our friends are having kids. Sort of like the summers of 02-03, where we went to like 43 weddings. More exciting news came the past couple of weeks: First, JG & Amy are back from India, and they’re having a girl in October! We can’t wait to meet Caia, whose name means “rejoice.” Then this week we found out that Carlton and Linley, RTS friends who are moving to Texas today, are having a little boy! We’re very excited to see such fruitful multiplication among our friends.