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The Making of "Boys’ Night"


Any parents who looked at the last post had to realize that it took a lot to make that happen, especially with Mom out for the evening. First of all, note that the cap is obviously still on Sam’s beer, so nothing to worry about there. Also, no children were hurt, or even allowed to get fussy, in the making of this picture.

The original plan was to have Sam propped up next to me with his own bag of Doritos. Couldn’t quite get the balance right.

Ran out of time.

Forgot to set the timer.

This one didn’t properly integrate the Doritos.

Sam needed some extra attention, so dropped the picture.

Almost made it this time, but still in motion when the camera clicked.

Realized I wasn’t going to make it, so I just waited this one out.

There it is, the money shot! Good job buddy.

2 thoughts on “The Making of "Boys’ Night"

  1. I love it…the “making of”. This would be included in the special DVD edition.

  2. “True Life: I’m the son of a self-timer photographer preacher.” (Sam’s first MTV special)Well done, Jake.

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