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the hunts in prague

Sam’s Video Debut


Sam is a great baby. Most of the time he’s pretty easy. His one issue is that he likes to sleep so much that sometimes it’s hard to get him up when we need to. Like when he needs to eat. For a couple of weeks he wasn’t gaining weight very quickly, and we often had to resort to guerrilla tactics (but never gorilla tactics) to get him going.

As you can see, I’ve made some progress in the world of video editing. Now that the Griffiths are back I’m assuming most people aren’t joining us via dialup, so look forward to higher-tech content. You have to keep the people coming back, you know?

2 thoughts on “Sam’s Video Debut

  1. 1) Sam’s playing possum. It’s an old game of fake sleeping. Which he is very good at- the ice cube/duck combo cracks even the best fakers. I’m impressed.2) I miss the Purdys too, and we were only friends for a day. But we love CostCo so much that it makes me want to sing a Michael W. Smith song about our friendship.3) Your community. It’s amazing. Seriously. Biblical and beautiful.

  2. Oh, no…not the WASHCLOTH!!!!!!!!!

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