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the hunts in prague

The Real Deal

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The Purdys have actually moved, but not before a trademark Camden sendoff: A blitz move and a pizza party featuring lots of small children. There really might be something in the water.

Owen is a big role model for Graham and Sam, if only for his awesome belly. I hope to see one just like it in about 15 months.

Yes, Kristi, we are king of the group shot, one last time. And yes, after seeing this picture I’m working on my posture when I hold Sam.

After pizza several of us hung out for awhile in the empty living room. It was like the last episode of Friends. We were the last to leave, and Kristen said that was fitting because the four of us were some of the first people who met when we came to Charlotte. We can’t believe it’s over already. We have shared all of life with the Purdys and others the past three years, and can’t thank God enough for giving us such great friends to share it with.

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