Blue Sky

the hunts in prague

This One’s For You, Grampa Bill


No reason for bad choices SOME people have made about colleges (note the Georgia Tech colors) to get in the way of some handsome man-ness.

Awww.. c’mon, Mom, not while everyone’s watching…

6 thoughts on “This One’s For You, Grampa Bill

  1. Sam is so smiley in that top pic…I love it. When can we babysit so you can go on a date?

  2. Look at those rosy, plump, perfectly round cheeks! He looks like he’s holding gumballs in there! And how did his hair lighten up so quickly? Don’t you think using Sun-In (TM) on a newborn baby can be dangerous? Gee-yaw.

  3. Amazing how everyone looks good and is so happy in GOLD!

  4. I think the nausea of what we were putting him through gave him gas. For the record, Jake was the one who put him in his special Grampa Bill polo. But also for the record, he has a closet full of red things just waiting for a couple more pounds.

  5. KP- I don’t know if his hair really lightened up, or if his giant melon just got even larger and just spread his darkness out more… :-)MNH

  6. Sam we love you. You are so stinking cute! I think I do like you better in red though.

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