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Aye, There’s the Rub


So Sam’s new thing is that he goes to sleep just fine in our arms, but the second we put him in the crib he freaks out. We’ve noticed that he really likes to be on his side, and that he likes to lie on your chest when you hold him, which made us think he would like to go to sleep on his belly. But as all good parents know, newborns have to be put down on their back (there’s a helpful mnemonic device: “back to sleep”). Well, we learned that you’re allowed to put them on their belly if you’re in the room, so we gave it a shot tonight. Result:

Wouldn’t you just know it? Quiet house, happy mom & dad, and he’ll probably go bananas when I go put him on his back or side in the crib. Stupid doctors.

4 thoughts on “Aye, There’s the Rub

  1. Yeah!! I am so glad it worked!!! Lucy thinks sleeping on her stomach is the best– it the only way to go as far as we are concerned.

  2. Maggie slept on her stomach the first month or so but then she started to hate it, but it really worked! We wish she would sleep on it again, because sleeping on ones back promotes optimum hair growth and lovely round heads!Carrie

  3. This is the cutest picture I’ve ever seen…at least since the “rolls” picture below. I heart Sam 🙂

  4. Add us to the tummy sleepers list! Maggie Beth will have it no other way…never could bring myself to tell my pediatrician though when they ask the obligatory “so she’s sleeping on her back, right”. Good luck!

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