Blue Sky

the hunts in prague

The Weekend

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“You mean I have two different grandparents coming two days in a row?! Sweet.”

Sam and Gaffer share a passion for the Sabbath nap.

Apparently there’s a six-weeks growth spurt, and Sam’s in it. Sunday night we had an unbelievable drinking party. By my calculations he drank about 5% of his body weight in 2 hours. This would be like me drinking just over 8 lbs. Good job, buddy.

One thought on “The Weekend

  1. Look at that sweet little thing curled up!!! Those sweet little hands and little arms…AGHHHH!!!!! (Can you get that I’m excited? I think this emotion is much easier understood in person. There’s only so much that can come through in text. Only so many exclamation points you can put there.)

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