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Sam in Action

I’ll be honest– video of Sam usually just means he was doing something awesome about 20 seconds earlier. He tends to zone out when he sees the camera. But he is getting more and more active, and we thought some family & friends might like to see. The last clip is my favorite. When he’s in his chair he does this running thing, and totally gets in the zone– eyes straight forward, intense. It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight. Enjoy!


Bennett’s Turn

For Bennett’s first couple of visits with “Nam,” as she calls him, she wasn’t quite sure why Mr Jake & Ms Melissa were holding someone other than her. But now she’s more interested, and this week she wanted a turn to hold him. She held her arms straight up while Melissa got him situated, held him for about ten seconds and then said “Here go,” meaning “Get this chunk off of me so I can play.” We can’t believe how big the girls are getting!

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Tummy Time

Sam’s star is just about his favorite thing. Seriously, the star could probably babysit. He would talk to it for a good half-hour if we’d let him. So it’s a good incentive to get those neck muscles cranking.

And we’re done. It was Sunday, and Sam knew he should be resting.

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On the Move

For a while there I kept thinking, Man, Melissa is putting Sam in the crib at some weird angles. It turns out the boy is just getting to be a better scooter. This is how we find him a lot of the time– it seems he likes to dangle his feet, just like his mom. Not only is he scooting around, but a few days ago he turned completely over from front to back! It hasn’t been repeated, but he keeps giving us these little signs that he’s getting bigger and stronger. He wants to be in top shape by September 1. Glory glory!